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The "Pays de Fillière" takes place between four great mountains.

The "Plateau des Glières"

This historical site is stretcht out between 1300 m and 1800 m high, there is an access by car in every season by Thorens-Glières (14 km long) and Petit-Bornand (8 km long).
In the middle of Haute-Savoie this glorious valley is mostly limestone rock is situated in the Massif des Bornes between Auges' Mountain (1800 m high) and Frêtes' Mountain respectively at 29 and 15 km from La Roche-sur-Foron and Thorens-Glières, and on the districts of Petit-Bornand-les-Glières et Thorens-Glières.
The middle hight is 1440 m, so the Plateau des Glières allows to practice many activities. It is indeed the inescapable meeting place for cross-country skiing lovers in winter and keen of hiking in summer.
In winter, many people also practice snowshoe and a pist of sled is fit up for children.
If you like speology, more than 15 cavities being at leat 15 m deep are listed on the Fêtes. The deepest one known on the Plateau des Glières is "La tanne à Paccot" also called "Trou de l'A2". It is about 400 m deep.

History's lovers will enjoy guided tour to learn or to complement their knowledge about Second World War events on the Plateau which was a famous place of the French resistance. A discovery itinerary is mapped out to learn and enjoy the nature at the same time.

The Mount Parmelan

It is part of the Massif des Bornes which reaches 1852 m at is highest point. Its peak offers a nice view on Annecy city and Dingy-Saint-Clair valley.
The Mount Parmelan is composed of 3 important points :
- La Tête (twith its refuge) which is the highest part and where from the parapentes take off.
- Le Petit Montoir (1584 m)
- and Le Grand Montoir (1831 m). They are two different ways to the sommit. The second one has few difficult passages and is only for experiment walkers.






The Mount Sous-Dines

It is 2004 m high, situated North-East of the Fillière Valley and part of the Jura Mountains. It is the most occidental mountain of the Bornes.
From its peak (the highest from the Pays de Fillière) you will appreciate the wonderful panorama on the Jura Mountains, the assembly line of Aravis, the Mont Blanc, the Faucigny and the lake Léman.






The "Plateau des Bornes"

It is a piemontese area from North Alpes below the Bauges, crosses by the Fier, the Usses stream and the Arve affluents.
Opposite of the assembly line of Les Aravis, on the foothills of Mount Salève, the exceptional panorama on the former Roman way, up to the Mont Blanc.
You can appreciate this haven of peace of the ancient glaciation area which is crossed by bucolic paths linking up ravishing villages with their slate roofs and where you will find wild ponds and protected flora.



To appreciate the all landscape of the mountains go to the country town of Saint-Martin-Bellevue, there is a viewpoint indicator.

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